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Urticariaday2019 -Who cares? ucare!

Who cares? UCARE!

Soon it will be October 1st and urticaria day again. And who cares? UCARE! UCARE is a worldwide network of specialized treatment centers (Urticaria Centers of Reference and Excellence) in which doctors, who are not only familiar with urticaria, but who also see their task in offering patients with urticaria the best possible care and treatment, work together. All members of the network guarantee to treat patients with urticaria according to the guidelines (within the scope of local possibilities). So, UCARE cares! UCARE is taking part in this year's urticarial day and is taking this great opportunity to raise awareness of urticaria among patients, their families, doctors, politicians, the press and the rest of the world. Furthermore, UCARE wants to promote available educational opportunities for other doctors so that they can use their knowledge to provide optimal care of urticaria patients.

Regardless of UCARE's support, urticaria day remains a day where urticaria patients are the focus of attention. So join us for urticarial day 2019 and organize your own event! Invite other urticaria patients to a garage party! Is there a better opportunity to set up a regional self-help group? Inspire the doctors at your clinic with your enthusiasm for urticaria day 2019 - perhaps they will hold their own training event for doctors in the area or perhaps they will join the UCARE network. Continue to spread the news about urticaria day 2019, tweet and like, help to make urticaria day 2019 known to friends, family and other affected persons. You can post all your events with us so that your personal urticaria day 2019 will be a complete success. Every contribution counts – help us make urticaria day 2019 a worldwide success!

Urticaria day 2019 was initiated by unev, the urticaria network e.V., UCARE and many organizations worldwide that are committed to the interests of patients with allergies and urticaria.