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Urticaria diary

It is of vital importance to keep an urticaria diary to be able to successfully search for the causes of your urticaria. It can help you (and your doctor) to appraise the severity and course of your disease and also to come up with the possible causes and triggers. You find a form on the following pages which you can use to keep your diary. Make several copies and document your urticaria symptoms and possible triggers, causes respectively over the next 3 to 4 weeks. You can also download the diary at

On the left of the diary:

  • Please apply your tick (yes/no) every day against whether you have suffered wheals, flares, swellings or itchiness (yes/no) in the course of the day. If yes, please indicate the number, duration, the size or the severity of the symptoms experienced. Please decide for one of the three boxes.
  • Tick the degree of your urticaria symptoms as you rate them every day. Here again, decide for one box.
  • Note which drugs you take, you took, on the respective day (ingestion and externally). Please also indicate the dose (e.g. in the mornings and evenings one tablet).

On the right side of the diary:

  • Please enter all foods and beverages in detail (also chewing gum, sweets) which you have eaten in the corresponding lines on the right side of the diary.
  •  Activities/triggering factors/miscellaneous: Note everything you think could be causal in connection with your symptoms, in addition please answer the following questions:
  • If symptoms have occurred: Were you exposed to particular stress in the past 24 hours (e.g. excitement, stress, special food or drinks, particularly much or little sleep, sports, exertion, other illnesses such as colds or gastro-intestinal symptoms)?
  • If no symptoms occurred: Did you do anything in the past 24 hours which had already in the past triggered itchiness, flares, wheals or swellings?  

Download the diary here: