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World Urticaria Day in Moscow on Oct 01, 2019, 11:00

State Center of Allergy and Immunology, Clinical State Hospital 52
Pekhotnay 3,
123182 Moscow
Daria Fomina
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World Urticaria Day in Moscow On Saturday, October 5, Allergy and Immunology Center, City Clinical Hospital No. 52 hosted an interactive school for patients with chronic urticaria in Moscow, dedicated to World Urticaria Day. The event organized by two GA2LEN UCARE centers of urticaria (Clinical State Hospital N 52 and a the Institute of Immunology, FMBA, Russia), gathered about 100 guests in person and a compatible number online via the video broadcast on YouTube. In two and a half hours, Daria Fomina, Inna Danilyicheva,Elena Vishneva and colleagues managed to tell patients about modern approaches to the diagnostics and treatment of urticaria and involve them in a full-fledged dialogue on the role of the patient and the doctor in treatment, suggesting equal participation of the parties, as well as discuss possibilities of control over urticaria provoking factors. Now the patients are aware how the scientific perspective on this disease has changed, which tools have proven to be ineffective over the years, and which, on the contrary, have been tested. In terms of the interactive voting, most patients noted the important role of stress in exacerbating the course of urticaria. Joint efforts allowed them to outline the portraits of the ideal doctor and patient, and it became evident that they have a lot in common. All participants agreed that the School for patients with chronic urticaria should become a good tradition in Moscow, where 1-3% of citizens know from their own experience what urticaria is. The event recording is available on youtube in Russian language.

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