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i feel miserable and isolate myself...what to do

safy 23.05.2018 08:34

Hi guys, im new here. sadly im having chronic urticaria. i had acute urticaria 4 years disappear for 1 year and now back again with worse strike and swollen. i feel so miserable. seen doctors and taken all type of antihistamine. latest i took monthly Xolair injection, still teh same. please help if you any solution to at least i could rest for i day/

Thanks Safy

preethi_kayalath 07.05.2020 16:46

Hi safy...even I can understand your pain...I have been through this hell for 5 years...till today no one is able to detect this issue...may be I feel a group should be made where we all can discuss together what is the thing that is common ...which have triggered this disease...may be then we can find itz cure

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