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Hives started at a young age

pantal-pantal 09.02.2017 06:30

My Idiopathic Urticaria story Hello! I am new to this forum. I am 46 years old healthy male. Non smoker and non alcoholic drinker. Currently living here in Washington State for the last 10 years. Last year in October, my hives started to show up again. At the time of this posting, it has been 4 months now has passed since my breakout and counting. I went to see a specialist and did the whole skin testing. He found out I am breaking out from grasses and certain trees that are found here. But I asked my doctor why I am breaking out at this time of the year when its winter season. Spring season is few months away from now. He says good question. He gave me the 7 day methylprednisolone treatment but did nothing. This is what I found out from my experiment. When I take daily dose of fexofenadine, on the first 5 days is all good, on 6th day and on, my hives would breakout. So I stopped taking it daily. I just now take the meds as needed. When my hives shows up, I take 1 pill of fexofenadine. My hives would subside for that day and 1 or 2 more days of hives free. After that my hives would resurface again. I have the same result with loratadine. It has been working well so far. I have not tried shots or those high potent meds yet

Prior to living here in Washington State, I lived in Hawaii on my teenage years. I had breakouts there at age 18 and at 21. They lasted less than a year. My doctor gave me the first generation of antihistamines. They made me feel drowsy and hot tempered person while on meds. I dont think those meds cured my hives. My hives just stopped showing up all of the sudden.

I joined the military at age 26. Went through basic training and no hives breakout then.

Prior to living in Hawaii, I lived in the Philippines. I had breakouts there when I was 12 years old. My mom says my first hives breakout was when I was at a young age. I was too young to remember.

So my case should rule out weather related hives, foods, stress, vitamin deficiencies, etc..

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